31 December 2012

2012 Recap, and 2013 'Resolutions'

So 2012 was a pretty darn good year, if I do say so myself.

I finally got off my ass about being serious about writing, and braved the rejection filled world of submissions.  I learned that patience and perseverance are key to making it in this world, as well as a tough skin, but not one so tough that you can't see the joy in each rejection, because each one is another step towards that goal of being able to hold you head high and squeal like a little girl when you see your work in print.

And out of the rejections I acquired this year, I was lucky enough to get a couple that were more than your stock rejections, and two contracts for publication.  So yes, it's been a good year spent focusing on my writing, and my dream of being an author.

I also managed to survive another year in retail, which is always good, since that's another brutal world. XD

I read 220 books, successfully completed my 10th year of NaNoWriMo, making it my 7th win, participated in a 5K run/obstacle course with zombies, and while I crossed the finish line as a zombie I was able to get up the next day and move, and I started the process of reconnecting with my stepfather.

All in all, a good year.


As for 2013; well, here's my tentative list:

Try not to freak out completely when Jan 23 sneaks up, and Rock n Roll Seraphim is released into the wide world.

Finish the rewrite of 2012's NaNo monstrosity, and submit it.

Submit to as many of my, currently 15, submission calls as possible.

Sign up for, and participate in this year's Run For Your Lives 5K, this time trying to cross the finish line as a human.

Start working with my Da on our joint writing project in between my other writing projects.

Keep the blog updated, regularly, not just willy-nilly like this year.

Take two on trying not to freak out when August rolls around, and Put You in a Song comes out.

Rewrite The Alighieri, or add more to this world; not sure yet.

Attend a couple more conventions.

Make this year's AM2 the most amazing thing Ash and I can.

Be happy, and proud of myself, no matter what anyone says, because I'm worth it, and eventually I'll find that special someone who'll be able to accept my writing, my quirks, and will sweep me off my feet. XD


Happy New Year everyone!  May it be a fantastic year for you and yours!

19 December 2012

Tackling the NaNo and New Cover reveal

As we race, flailing, towards the end of the year - or, the end of the world, if you follow that - I've begun work editing what I wrote last month.  My still untitled monstrosity is going to be submitted to LT3 for their upcoming serial deadline, and I'm really hoping they like it as much as I hate it. XD No really, I do like it, it's just that I've spent so much time with these characters that I'm kind of sick of them for the time being.

See?  It's ginormous! And to think I wrote all of that in a madcap 26 days. *is proud and a bit afraid* So I'm breaking out one of my Christian Bibles, my roomie's random file of psychology notes on the Bible and being gay, and my editing cap. I know I'm going to be cutting a good portion of what I wrote last month because it doesn't fit where I want this to go currently, but I'm sure I'll end up using the scenes sometime. :3

In other news, I got the cover for the volume/round of Rocking Hard that my story 'Put You in a Song' is being included in.  

Isn't it pretty? I'm not ashamed to say I'm totally in love with it. :D 'Put You in a Song' doesn't release in the serial line-up until August; which means, once I clear the nervousness of 'Seraphim' being released into the wide world, I've got a number of months to recoup before having to do it again. XD

Now I know I said I was going to release another short into the world for Christmas, but I'm sad to say that it isn't going to happen this year.  The characters refuse to cooperate with the rewrite, so I'm setting it aside for now, to work on other projects, and will try tackling it at a later date.


06 December 2012

The Alighieri

Apparently when I said next week what I really meant was today...sorry to be misleading and all. XD

Now up on Smashwords:

The Alighieri

Desperate to escape his demon of a step-father's control, Ivan accepts a temporary job as a runner for the annual Samhain Convention at The Alighieri; the only first-class resort in Hell. 


Yes, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with the current holidays, but I didn't feel like holding onto it until next October.  So nya, you get a free 2.5K short set at a resort in Hell.

Edits for the short set in Hell are almost finished. :3 I'm hoping to have it up in a week as an early Christmas gifty. <3

30 November 2012

Post-NaNo babblings

I've officially validated my monstrosity of a NaNo novel, and have cleared the 50K mark this year with 53021. *giddy dance of exhaustion*  I'm now so sick of that world and it's characters that I'm gleefully shoving them in corner until the middle of December. XD  It's not that I'm not happy with what I churned out, because I am, it's that I've spent 30 days in tight quarters with these boys and I need a freaking break from them.  Don't worry, come two weeks from now I'll allow them out of time out and begin rereading and seeing what all needs to be done to make the spaz rough into something I feel comfortable releasing on the world.

In the mean time, I've also managed somehow to write a really short story set in a resort in Hell...go figure where that one came from.  It's off with my pumpkin, and I'm hoping to have it back within a week to fix it up all nice for a free December read to offer everyone.  And no, I haven't forgotten about 'Peppermint', it's just got a ways to go before I'm less likely to cringe when I read it. ^^;  But I'm pushing for a Christmas week release on that too, and of course, it'll be free for you all, being that it's the holidays.

That's about all that's happening in the world outside of the hell that is retail at this time of year, and I promise not to bore you with that.  *scampers off to write more, so she'll have something to talk about in a week*

15 November 2012

Of NaNoWriMo and other things

So, it's the middle of November, which means that in the past 15 days I have written a whirlwind of 25000 words of unintelligible typo and gaping plot hole filled story.  25015 to be precise, and yes, it is quite crappy right now, but you know what?  I've written half of a Brave New World length rough draft in just over two weeks.  And it's a rough draft I actually hope plan to use to create my next submission for the lovely ladies over at LT3.

Speaking on those lovely ladies, have I mentioned that I have two, yes two, pieces being published by them?  I do; the initial story Rock n Roll Seraphim and the story that's a pseudo sequel, tentatively titled Put You in a Song.  Seraphim has a tentative release date of 23 January 2013, a mere two months-ish away.  Freaky yes?  I'm actually currently working on reading through the post-editor story before I give it back with a thumbs up.

It's been an interestingly fantastic learning experience to go through the process of publishing, from initial idea to the almost completed product.  I can say that I've loved the high I got with each completed step, and seeing the cover for the first time?  So awesome!

Speaking of, here's the proof of awesome coveriness;

I'm in volume three of the Kiss Me at Midnight collection, and to add to me gleeful new author high, I'm up on Goodreads. :3

But now, I have to get back to my NaNo and see if I can pound out another 1667 words...see you in a week if I'm on schedule, or in December if I'm not. XD

03 October 2012

Best laid plans of mice...

I knew I had 3 separate projects already crammed into this month, and I was all set to deal with them; but then I get this e-mail saying I've had another story accepted, and that my contract is on its way...


So, I've scrapped my initial timeline for October, and am hastily creating a new one to reflect the second story going through serious edits in the next 28 days.

I'm dead set of getting as much, if not all, of these 4 projects done before November because I know myself during NaNo, and while I can think fairly coherently for the first week or so, by the time I hit the middle of the month I'm a high caffeinated lunatic who spouts gibberish both out loud and via word.

02 October 2012

Hey internets!  My author bio is now live over at Less Than Three Press!!

It's soooo shiny!! XD

Yes, I am having a bit of a fangirly moment here *fans self*

Now if I could just convince my muse to come out that corner he/she's hiding in...

30 September 2012

Perseverance is the name of the game

As you may have read, my grandmother passed away a week ago; so I've been busy juggling the retail job, funeral plans, the wake, and two separate deadlines in the writing world.  Retail is finally settling again, the wake was last night and I was quite happily smashed on too much wine, both deadlines have just been met, and the funeral's tomorrow morning-

*lets out a huge sigh*

It's been a rather chaotic past couple weeks, and I'm ready for things to calm back down.  Especially with NaNoWriMo now a month away.  I'm not ashamed to admit that this year is going to be the first year I'm seriously going to try and write something I can turn around and submit a few months after I cross that finish line.

*yawns* I had more to say here, really I did, but I'm ridiculously tired from the work, writing, death trio; so I'm going to cut it off here, and hopefully remember to expand on my babbling skills sometime tomorrow afternoon, after a nice night's sleep.

Much <3 from me to you!

24 September 2012

Grandma Stapleton; I love you, and miss you already, but I'm glad you'll finally know peace 9/6/41-9/24/12

21 September 2012

Story #3 of the xmas bonanza has been officially rejected :P 1 out of 4 is still pretty good odds; plus, I kinda wanted to revamp story #3 a few days ago XD

05 September 2012

Dear Arick and Z, I love you both dearly, but if you don't behave I'm going to put you in a corner while I go play with Ivan, Shaem, and Ether. Luv, plague girl

03 September 2012

So, it's Monday, and that means it's time for that news I was babbling about on Saturday:  Guess who's signing her first short story contract?  *dances*

Yup, you read right, Lacie's going to have a short story published in an actual anthology.  Story #4, aka Rock'n'Roll Seraphim, is going to be part of Less Than Three's 'Kiss Me at Midnight' anthology.  Also, on top of receiving that shriek worthy news, I was told that Megan, and I quote, 'thinks it would be cool' if I were to do a story featuring two of the other characters from that short for another of their anthologies.  

*still jazzed beyond belief*


Right, so yeah, that's what I had to share; back to working on Put You in a Song, Peppermint, and The Alighieri.

02 September 2012

Playing with my imaginary friends and have stumbled across a song that fits 2 of them XD keith urban's 'put you in a song'

01 September 2012

Big news...coming soon!

So yup, I've got some big news in the works, and will be able to babble about it by the end of this lovely holiday weekend.  *dances around* I want to say something about it right now, but I don't want to jinx anything, so we'll be waiting a little bit longer before screaming across the internet. :3

In other news, as stated in one of my many brief updates story #2 was rejected; however, I've got plans to rewrite it and resubmit it to the publisher, and am hoping to have that done by the end of this year.  I even have a pile of index cards, multi-colored pens, and many highlighters to help with this task.

Halloween sip#1 is almost done, and I might try to write another one before the deadline.

Also, also, I've decided to tackle another deadline at the end of this month for a serial anthology focusing on rockstars.  Story #4 started my rockstar kick, and I'd love do give some attention to the secondary characters I met while writing it, so why not?  Can't hurt, can it?


Story #1 for last month is getting a make over in prep for a Black Friday release via Smashwords.  It's short, so if I charge, it'll only be $.99, but I'm probably going to be doing some sort of Christmas special and offer it for free for a chunk of the month of December.  I've also got plans to get together with a photographer buddy of mine to create the cover, and possibly even take some new author pictures for profiles.

I think that's all the news I've got right now, and don't forget, big news by Monday!  Promise!

*scampers back to her writing*

30 August 2012

Story#4 submitted ^^ also, story#2 was rejected, though I was invited to resubmit it as a stand alone after taking into consideration the editor's critique :3

26 August 2012

Goals for the day: start the week well in KC, submit story#4, get cat food, attempt to finish Halloween story#1, and acquire groceries?

25 August 2012

I'm researching escort prices online...life of an author, full of weird quests for information

24 August 2012

Short cuz Lacie's tired :P

Accomplished so far; editing run thru of story#4, created grocery list in planner, cuddled tonks, stabbed at blurb, wrote 1.2K for Halloween story#1, and putzed around the interwebz reading inane things...success?

*crawls into bed*
To do, after work: empty dishwasher, make grocery list, finish editing story#4, write blurb for story#3, and start typing halloween story#1 :3

22 August 2012

Edit, edit, edit; this is the way we sing the editing song *sashays around*
Story #4 is done! Sent it off to the editors, and now I'm off to lunch; once I'm back I get to start editing story #3 ^^;

19 August 2012

I'm sleepy but I'm only 180wds short of 5K - to write or not to write XD

18 August 2012

Something to do with my hands

Okay, so it's definitely not Monday.  Nor is it the week I swore I was going to post the more extensive blog; but, I'm going to at least get something longer than 140 characters posted tonight.


Updates in the world of writing:

I had 4 deadlines for story submissions this month, the first of which has already come back with a rejection. That's okay with me honestly, because it means I've now got a Christmas themed story I can off for free download come Black Friday. ^^  You heard me correct *frowns* or read me correctly...?  Anywho, as a result of Peppermint being rejected from the anthology it was created for, I now have a 5400 word short story that's all pretty.  Just need to create a cover for it and give it one more read through for editing purposes, and it'll be released into the wide world of the interwebz in a few months.

Story #2 is currently out, awaiting a verdict.  *crosses fingers*

Story #3 went to the editors of awesomeness last night.  *frets*

Story #4, well, we've been having some issues.  I had it almost completed, and ready for the editors, when my technology decided it wasn't worthy, and proceeded to delete it from all save points.  I'm still not sure how my laptop, desktop, and flash drive coordinated this mass deletion; however, this means I've been forced to start from scratch on story #4.

So, we started over, and it's taken a complete different direction.  Only the theme has stayed the same, everything else is entirely new.  ^^;


I've got some book recommendations I want to babble about, but I think those are going to have to wait for tomorrow after work.  I'm sleepy, and I have to be up in a little over five hours for work.

*toddles off with a wave*

17 August 2012

I'm seriously going to get the full blog typed up tonight - told you I was horrible about regularly posting ^^;
Have just shy of 1K written for story#4's third rewrite :3 plus, story#3 is off to the editors - I'm feeling productive, and aiming for another 2K today

12 August 2012

Seriously bummed/pissed off that I lost all of story #4; now I've got to rewrite it all

11 August 2012

*insert series of expletives* somehow my file for story #3 has gotten corrupted, and it's been reduced to complete gibberish

04 August 2012

Is being productive and putting all my deadlines in my planner; let's see how long this bought works XD

03 August 2012

Real update coming, I swear!!

Okay, so here's the thing:

I'm really bad about maintaining a steady, full blog update schedule - REALLY BAD - but, now that I've returned from the mania of 'must-write-this-all-now' land I've decided that I'm going to try my damnedest to create at least a once a week actual update here.  This plan will be going into affect either tomorrow evening, or Monday.

Sure, you'll still be getting all of my random tweet length gibberish filled updates from my phone at random intervals; plus, you'll also be getting these fantastic, well thought out, philosophical *coughs* Alright, they'll probably still be chock full of gibberish and nonsense, but at least they'll be longer than a tweet?

*nods* So that's the plan, now let's see how long I manage to keep it up...

To Be Continued...

28 July 2012

I wrote over 7K yesterday...got 2/3 of #3 done and a good chunk of #4 started :3 twas a good writing/muse day

26 July 2012

Time to leave the world of BN for the day and return to the world of my imaginary friends *boogies w her muses*

25 July 2012

Really want to write when I get home tonight; unfortunately, it's either write or sleep since I'm due back at work in the morning *pouts*

22 July 2012

To do: finish query and synopsis for 'peppermint', reread/do secondary edit for 'gifts', finish rewrite for untitled new year, and start evergreen story XD

12 July 2012

Successfully completed the initial rough draft of 1 out of 3 winter themed shorts; time to do a preliminary edit of it :3

11 July 2012

1300 words in the past hour or so; I think I've earned a brief stretch break :3

08 July 2012

Bright and sunny July is the perfect time to be working on 3 separate Christmas themed stories, right?

05 July 2012

Inspiration for a rewrite of one of the rejected pieces has struck me like lightning *scribbles notes on the bus*

04 July 2012

Of Taboo Topics and Fireworks

As my handful of brief updates claims, I've got two new imaginary friends that are rather mouthy currently.  They seem to enjoy telling me all about their lives. ^^  What my brief updates don't mention is that said two are brothers, and yup, you guessed it, they're together together.

Now, I'm not one to get squicked by stories of incest between siblings, and I certainly didn't set out to have them this way, it just seems this is the way they want to be.  *shrugs*  I'm rather fond of them; I like their personalities, and their voices, they just happen to be related.  I plan to let this inspiration play out and see where it takes me, and if it just so happens to give me a fantastic story about authors, stalkers, dismembered body parts, and a pair of brothers who are a bit closer then usual, so be it.

In none squicky news, I'm spending the Fourth at home with my cat.  Didn't hear from either end of my family on any bbqs or fireworks, so I told Tonks I'd spend it with him.  I'll go out and wave a sparkler around when it gets darker just to play with fire and exploding things.  Such a wild party girl am I. XD

03 July 2012

20hrs of being awake and I find myself vaguely tired, but not enough that I'm willing to say goodnight to my latest imaginary friends so I can sleep #inspired

02 July 2012

So, I've written almost 7K in going on 3 days now...these new boys are definitely a mouthy pair :3 Now, if only I could figure out their story ^^;

01 July 2012

Scribble, scribble, scribble - 4K in 2 days *feels a tad exhausted*

25 June 2012

Forward momentum plans

I've spent a chunk of this afternoon setting up, and organizing, a Smashwords account for myself, with the plan that by the end of July I will have one of my rejected stories edited to sparkling prettiness and published via them.  *jitters*  Two of my semi willing slaves *coughs* editors are working with me to make this goal attainable with the least amount of blood and tears - hopefully.

Once it's up and available to the general public I'll have a link to it to post here, for all two of you who regularly pop in to read the babble that I tend to post here.  Maybe I'll see what has to be done to create a giveaway on goodreads, and give away a copy or two to unsuspecting victims readers, I meant readers. ^^;;

Still sending stories out to the slightly more conventional publishing routes as I do all this too, so sooner or later something's going to click, I hope...
I think one of my boys has completely hijacked part of my brain - Thell, sweetie, might I have it back? Thinking like you is scaring me
Have only managed 20K for CampNanowrimo so far; it's 20K I'm happy with, but I'm going to push harder during the Aug session for that mystical 50K ^^

27 May 2012

Alive, and well, though still living in rejection land

I'm still here, I swear...really...I just got distracted by the shiny things called books and kind of fell off the face of the interwebz. ^^;;

In the world of writing we have no major updates; all previously sent out pieces have come back with lovely little rejection notes. *pouts* At least I'm getting lots of practice writing synopsis' and query letters.  Three new submissions I'm hoping to get drafted in June, so they can be edited and ready to be sent out in September/October.  I've signed up for June's Camp NaNoWriMo in hopes that it'll kick my ass into gear and get me to get at least 50K of one, or a mix of all three, of those new projects written in rabid *coughs* I mean rapid abandon.

In the non-writing world; I'm working AM2 next month in an attempt to slowly ease myself back into the convention circles.  It ought to be interesting to say the least. ^^

I'm also traveling up to San Francisco for the weekend next weekend for my Dad's most recent graduation.  That man never stops going to school. XD

So yeah, that's a brief update on where, and what I've been doing, or not doing since April - I'll have more frequent updates (spam, it's going to be a lot of spam on my current word count and other NaNo related babble) of a sort come June's Camp NaNo start.  Promise.

10 April 2012

I don't really have a title for this...

Well, I just sent out my third story for this year. ^^ It's still in the very, very, very rough stages, and definitely needs some more attention, I mean love; but, it's out with the anthology editor as I continue working with it.

So far I've had a rather productive year in the world of writerly pursuits.  Nothing published as of yet, but we're not giving up!  I have myself a awesome group of motivational, yet sometimes violent cheerleaders waiting on my sidelines with noise makers and cattle prods.

Alternately, in the bibliophile side of my world I have successfully, or unsuccessfully, read the first two of the Fifty Shades trilogy that has been causing such a ruckus recently. :P  I'm not sure if I should be proud of myself for this, or ashamed.

Currently though, I am reading two insanely awesome books -

I will have more in-depth reviews once I complete them, but thus far they are insanely awesome in my book. <3

07 April 2012

Sprawled out on a couch, ipod in my ears, writing the conclusion of another short story long hand; I'll type it up tonight before bed ^^

02 April 2012

Synopsis successfully sent to editor of an anthology I literally tripped over XD Now to work on the piece for said anthology while I wait for her response.

31 March 2012

Forward march!

Second submission packaged and sent off, let the nervous waiting/dancing begin.  This is the part I dislike about where I'm at right now; waiting to here the verdict on everything I send off.  *sighs*

In brighter news, I may have stumbled on a possible anthology for something I've already got written. ^^ So, I'm off to work on polishing said already written bit while I wait for response from the newly discovered possibility.

Also, also, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I'm reading Fifty Shades of Grey right now...I know, bad Lacie reading erotica of the straight, and psychotically popular, variety; but I need to know how to combat that bloody teenagers who'll come in looking for it since some media idiot said it was good for the fans of the Twilight series.  At least, that's what I keep telling myself as I giggle at the whole thing.


27 March 2012

In other news; finishing my edits on the shifter story and doing another pass on the rejected story before I format it for self-pubbing ^^
Dear voices in my head, Can we try talking one at a time? It's real difficult to make sense of what ya'll are saying when you jabber together. Luv, plague girl

20 March 2012

Time Travel story verdict

Time Travel story verdict is in with a 'thank you for your submission, but it's not what we're looking for' 
So, my first attempt this year is negative, but I've got several more to go, and I plan on tweaking the rejected story and putting together something myself *shrugs*

15 March 2012

I bought a new journal...do you think there's a support group for journal addicts? ^^;

12 March 2012

Ha! Shifter short is done, and will be on its way to my editors tomorrow afternoon ^^ going to sleep on it before I send it off *skips off to find chocolate*
I'm on deadline to finish my shifter short story by 10pm tomorrow night - that's enough of an excuse to order Thai right?

10 March 2012

Some progress

Not quite ready to give up, but damn if writing this story isn't like trying to have a conversation with someone who has no understanding of your native language. :P Should hopefully be able to complete it tomorrow though.

So until that time, happy daylight savings crap!

06 March 2012

Head, meet desk

I'm about ready to cry out of frustration.  This story I've been working on for almost a solid month is continuing to give me issues.  It's like trying to wade through drying cement just getting words onto the page.  So frustrating because I like the story; I like the characters and world, but it just doesn't seem to want to happen.  The draft I'm working on is currently version 3 since the beginning of February, and I've only got until this time next week to get the rough done so I have enough time to revise before submission.


In the not so frustrating side of my life:

Oh my god was this book amazing!  I started it at 7pm Saturday night, and was finished with it by noon Sunday.  Mind you, I read it in between work and sleep, so it might as well have been one sitting for me.  It was nothing like I expected, and yet, there were pieces of it I saw in the cover flap blurb that were so much greater in the story's course.

Another one of my taboo subject reads; this one dealt with a student teacher relationship.  But before you run away with your hands covering your ears, hear me out.  There is so much more to this book than just the forbidden relationship.  It's a harrowing story of one girl trying to find her way through life when everything she's been shown is falling apart.  

To quote 'a fairy tale with teeth and claws...you're going to want black and white...I'm not sure I can give that to you.'

Try it, I can promise it will suck you in.

29 February 2012

Sweet plot idea batman! I know how the Loki/Nicolae story's gonna progress/end! XD
Singing along to my ipod while allowing a new idea/voice to percolate in the back of my head ^^

28 February 2012

When you think of the stone peridot, what comes to your mind? ^^ Yes, I am fishing for possible story fodder, so hit me with what you've got <3

27 February 2012

Writer's block

Yup, I've hit a rather substantial wall of writer's block these past couple days.  It's annoying, because the story I was working on was going fantastically and than WHAM!  Brick wall to the face.  Let me tell you, it kinda hurt, the running into the wall bit that is; as far as the sudden stop of story fodder *cries*

On the brighter side, after languishing and bitching about my complete lack of ideas to everyone that would listen - the toaster, my coworkers, the 4-year-old little girl I helped find her mommy, my cat - I think I've discovered why this brick wall had me on its hit list.  ^^

So we're back off to the races, with the same characters but an entirely new plot.  Time consuming yes, but it feels more fulfilling with this snapshot of them than it was feeling with the other one.

While suffering from the disorientation of writer's block I also found myself suffering from reader's block.  *dies* It was a horrible few days, but I've found a book that keeps my interest finally; oddly enough, it's this one

Now, don't get me wrong.  I like romance novels.  Hell, I tend to write them; however, I've found that in the past six months, straight romance novels annoy me.  But here I am, happily gobbling up a m/f romance novel with very few issues.  *shrugs*  If it gets me through this batch of reader's block, who am I to complain?

23 February 2012

Let the nervous babbling begin

I know, it has been a while since I visited.  What can I say?  I'm working on my Master's degree in procrastination, minoring in gibberish and underwater basket weaving. :)  Save updating done via my phone, I am notoriously bad about maintaining regular updates, a fact I'm trying to change this year.

So, after much nitpicking, nervous procrastination, title switching, and query letter writing, I have sent out the time travel short story. <3  Now we get to sit around and wait to hear back from the publisher.  Knowing myself, and my ability to fret, I've decided that rather than do nothing while I wait for the verdict on 'Unexpected Gifts' I am going to give myself more deadlines.  XD

I swear, more deadlines are good for me.  They force me to ignore that degree in procrastination and do productive things.

Like write more.  Two more stories are in progress, with the first due by April 15.

Or read more. :P  Just finished

I will very readily admit to being a Melissa Marr fangirl, and this collection of short stories she's presented have only strengthened my fangirl status.  Revisiting her Wicked Lovely world with glimpses into some known character's lives, and some new characters for you to love, she also introduces us to a few of her other worlds in a series of tasty stories.  I already own this in ebook form, because I couldn't wait for my hard copy to arrive. XD

I'm currently working on my 31st book of the year already, a reread of 

Say what you will about Mr. King, but I do enjoy a good percent of his books.

Anywho, I just figured I should post something of an update after indulging in my procrastinating ways for half of this month.

Next up on my to-do list today: eating something.

09 February 2012

Editing time

So, I've got my time travel story back, and now have to buckle down and get some editing done in the next week.  Once that's done, it's time to format it for submission and wave good-bye.


Meanwhile, in non-writing land our heroine has become obsessed with books.  AGAIN.  I just finished  Dash and Lily's Book of Dares , and have to say that I love, love, loved it.  It was cute, and engaging, and just a delightful romp through the skill that David Levithan and Rachel Cohn have in using the written word.

02 February 2012

Babble, babble, babble
Making good progress on my new project while I await my second pair of eyes' review on the untitled time traveler story. :) It feels good to be writing regularly outside of NaNoWriMo.

30 January 2012

Rough draft is off to my initial reader ^^ Now to deal with the nervous jitters while the rough gets torn apart :P

25 January 2012

Minor update; the initial rough draft for my untitled time travel romance short should be off to be given its first read through by Friday. ^^

11 January 2012

Nothing new

Nothing new to report, so I haven't wandered over for a few days.

Still working on finishing the initial draft of the time travel story, am hoping to be done with it in another week's time. :P

06 January 2012

Testing part 2
Have just, theoretically, connected my phone to this blog - please hold while this weaves its way through cyberspace

Time Travel

So, I've just started working on a short story I'm planning on submitting to Dreamspinner press for one of their calls for submission, and I figure, since this blog is theoretically going to end up being about books and writing, I might as well chronicle my quest toward publication in it.  *nods*  It's probably going to be pretty dull for a while, since I'm talking to myself, but at least I can point other curious writerly people towards the steps I went through when/if I finally succeed in that mythical publication goal.

Step one toward achieving publication: get an idea and write it ^^ <- I am current here in the process

Step two: find someone stupid enough *coughs* I mean willing to read over your writing to take a second look at it. <- Have successfully located my first guinea pig in my nifty dreampumpkin <3

Step three: edit, edit, edit
Here's the story prompt:

Time Is Eternity
2012 Daily Dose - A Story a Day in the Month of June
Edited by Lynn West

“Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.”
-Henry Van Dyke

Millennia, centuries, decades, years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds... if it’s a love for the ages, then past, present, or future has no meaning. In these stories, time travel--forward or backward, for an instant or for a lifetime--is the way to fulfilling romance.

03 January 2012

Testing, testing...

Apparently, I've decided to create a blog...the question is, will I continue to update this thing or will it fade into the ether of the interwebz? *shrugs* Time will tell -

- but until then, welcome to my latest little corner of the web. ^^