03 October 2012

Best laid plans of mice...

I knew I had 3 separate projects already crammed into this month, and I was all set to deal with them; but then I get this e-mail saying I've had another story accepted, and that my contract is on its way...


So, I've scrapped my initial timeline for October, and am hastily creating a new one to reflect the second story going through serious edits in the next 28 days.

I'm dead set of getting as much, if not all, of these 4 projects done before November because I know myself during NaNo, and while I can think fairly coherently for the first week or so, by the time I hit the middle of the month I'm a high caffeinated lunatic who spouts gibberish both out loud and via word.

02 October 2012

Hey internets!  My author bio is now live over at Less Than Three Press!!

It's soooo shiny!! XD

Yes, I am having a bit of a fangirly moment here *fans self*

Now if I could just convince my muse to come out that corner he/she's hiding in...