18 July 2013

Prompt #1 - what was stolen from the children

This was written in response to the first of hopefully many prompts with my writing group.  I have not edited this brief drabble in any way, so I guess it can kind stand as an illustration for what my initial, rough, rough drafts tend to look like.  ^^;  The group is on a temporary summer hiatus currently; however, I'm thinking of setting aside 15-30 minutes every Thursday to write to a prompt, to help clear my mind and stretch my creative muscles.  We'll try it out for a few weeks, and see how it works, but I'm hoping it might be a fun idea that I can drag other authors into joining.

Prompt: What was stolen from the children?

Chatter a wild thing around her, the girl-child stands motionless in the middle of the mall, ignored by everyone. Wide, silver eyes blink slowly, her hands beginning to jitter by her sides, as though trying to wake herself from some nightmare. Right hand rising with a tremble she draws a deep breath before letting out a shrill scream. People continuing to bustle around her without regard she screams again, rainbow painted nails digging into her cheek.

Jerking into motion she wends through the blind crowd, words beginning to form from the senseless panic. Toe of her purple sneaker catching on a step, sending her to her hands and knees, she lets out a cry of pain. Bloody scratches on her face she gasps as no one even slows to ask if she's alright.

“W-what's ha-happening? Why i-isn't anyone p-paying attention t-to me?”

Making her way back to her feet with a slight whimper she turns around in place, watching the people go about their business as though she weren't even there. Mouth pinched she darts directly into the path of a portly man staring at his phone, desperate to get a reaction. Rush of people slowing, shifting ever so slightly out of place, she stumbles as everything resumes its pace, the man having somehow missed her.

Experiment repeated a half dozen times, each time with the same weird herky-jerky response she sinks to the ground with a low moan. Tears in her eyes she watches the endless, unseeing flow of people pass her by.

“It's no use ducky, nothing you do will make them see you.”

Balance lost as she twists wildly, elbows connecting sharply with the tile, she stares up at the teen who just spoke. “Y-you can see me?”

Snap of gum louder than it should be as the world gives another one of its strange skips, the teen nods. “Course I can ducky; now come on, up off that floor before you catch a chill.”


“No buts, up we go, places to go, witches to see.”

Frowning the girl glances away from the teen to take in the crowd, suddenly not wanting to leave the familiar stretch of mall, even if no one could see her. Hand to her mouth she stares, going cold, as a woman – Mother – strides by holding hands with a girl almost her identical twin. Warped mirror image giving her a shark toothed grin it wiggles rainbow painted nails in farewell.

Reaching out, grasping for the teen's arm, she cries, “What is that thing doing with my mother?”

Another loud snap of gum, the almost-twin vanishing amidst the crowds. Expression kind the teen guides the girl in the opposite direction. “Stealing her, and your life; now come, as I said we've got places to go and witches to see if you mean to survive the theft.”

16 July 2013

And, we're back

Wow, it's been a bit, hasn't it?  My apologies for 'slacking' in my blogging, I've had a hectic couple of months in regards to the non-writing portion of my life.  But I'm back now, I promise, so let's get on with it.  :P

My 'Love Has No Boundaries' short is in the final stages of formatting prior to being posted up on Goodreads' M/M Romance group, and I'm actually quite pleased with the way it turned out, even if it is a tad short.  The two main characters were such a delight to work with, even when they pissed me off by refusing to do what I wanted them to do.  I can definitely see myself revisiting them later to prod more of their lives out of them.  And yes, I will be posting a link to the story's thread once it's released; I might even post the story here after a while, for those who aren't members of the group.

I've also been working on several new ideas for a variety of stories:  a pair of vampires who enjoying surfing, my poor cursed flower Calliopsis, a young man named after one of Shakespeare's great tragedies, and a bitter retail employee stuck helping entitled university students.

Oh!  I almost forgot, Put You in a Song, my second short story with Less Than Three Press, is due to be released in their serial line up next month.  Put You in a Song takes place around a year after the events in Rock 'n Roll Seraphim, and while AJ and Z are in it, it features the band's drummer Rich and his try at finding love.  I had a lot of fun putting words to Rich's story, and can't wait to delve back into the characters who make up this world.

*hums and skips back to rewriting The Prince's Flower*