27 May 2012

Alive, and well, though still living in rejection land

I'm still here, I swear...really...I just got distracted by the shiny things called books and kind of fell off the face of the interwebz. ^^;;

In the world of writing we have no major updates; all previously sent out pieces have come back with lovely little rejection notes. *pouts* At least I'm getting lots of practice writing synopsis' and query letters.  Three new submissions I'm hoping to get drafted in June, so they can be edited and ready to be sent out in September/October.  I've signed up for June's Camp NaNoWriMo in hopes that it'll kick my ass into gear and get me to get at least 50K of one, or a mix of all three, of those new projects written in rabid *coughs* I mean rapid abandon.

In the non-writing world; I'm working AM2 next month in an attempt to slowly ease myself back into the convention circles.  It ought to be interesting to say the least. ^^

I'm also traveling up to San Francisco for the weekend next weekend for my Dad's most recent graduation.  That man never stops going to school. XD

So yeah, that's a brief update on where, and what I've been doing, or not doing since April - I'll have more frequent updates (spam, it's going to be a lot of spam on my current word count and other NaNo related babble) of a sort come June's Camp NaNo start.  Promise.