31 March 2012

Forward march!

Second submission packaged and sent off, let the nervous waiting/dancing begin.  This is the part I dislike about where I'm at right now; waiting to here the verdict on everything I send off.  *sighs*

In brighter news, I may have stumbled on a possible anthology for something I've already got written. ^^ So, I'm off to work on polishing said already written bit while I wait for response from the newly discovered possibility.

Also, also, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I'm reading Fifty Shades of Grey right now...I know, bad Lacie reading erotica of the straight, and psychotically popular, variety; but I need to know how to combat that bloody teenagers who'll come in looking for it since some media idiot said it was good for the fans of the Twilight series.  At least, that's what I keep telling myself as I giggle at the whole thing.


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