30 August 2012

Story#4 submitted ^^ also, story#2 was rejected, though I was invited to resubmit it as a stand alone after taking into consideration the editor's critique :3

26 August 2012

Goals for the day: start the week well in KC, submit story#4, get cat food, attempt to finish Halloween story#1, and acquire groceries?

25 August 2012

I'm researching escort prices online...life of an author, full of weird quests for information

24 August 2012

Short cuz Lacie's tired :P

Accomplished so far; editing run thru of story#4, created grocery list in planner, cuddled tonks, stabbed at blurb, wrote 1.2K for Halloween story#1, and putzed around the interwebz reading inane things...success?

*crawls into bed*
To do, after work: empty dishwasher, make grocery list, finish editing story#4, write blurb for story#3, and start typing halloween story#1 :3

22 August 2012

Edit, edit, edit; this is the way we sing the editing song *sashays around*
Story #4 is done! Sent it off to the editors, and now I'm off to lunch; once I'm back I get to start editing story #3 ^^;

19 August 2012

I'm sleepy but I'm only 180wds short of 5K - to write or not to write XD

18 August 2012

Something to do with my hands

Okay, so it's definitely not Monday.  Nor is it the week I swore I was going to post the more extensive blog; but, I'm going to at least get something longer than 140 characters posted tonight.


Updates in the world of writing:

I had 4 deadlines for story submissions this month, the first of which has already come back with a rejection. That's okay with me honestly, because it means I've now got a Christmas themed story I can off for free download come Black Friday. ^^  You heard me correct *frowns* or read me correctly...?  Anywho, as a result of Peppermint being rejected from the anthology it was created for, I now have a 5400 word short story that's all pretty.  Just need to create a cover for it and give it one more read through for editing purposes, and it'll be released into the wide world of the interwebz in a few months.

Story #2 is currently out, awaiting a verdict.  *crosses fingers*

Story #3 went to the editors of awesomeness last night.  *frets*

Story #4, well, we've been having some issues.  I had it almost completed, and ready for the editors, when my technology decided it wasn't worthy, and proceeded to delete it from all save points.  I'm still not sure how my laptop, desktop, and flash drive coordinated this mass deletion; however, this means I've been forced to start from scratch on story #4.

So, we started over, and it's taken a complete different direction.  Only the theme has stayed the same, everything else is entirely new.  ^^;


I've got some book recommendations I want to babble about, but I think those are going to have to wait for tomorrow after work.  I'm sleepy, and I have to be up in a little over five hours for work.

*toddles off with a wave*

17 August 2012

I'm seriously going to get the full blog typed up tonight - told you I was horrible about regularly posting ^^;
Have just shy of 1K written for story#4's third rewrite :3 plus, story#3 is off to the editors - I'm feeling productive, and aiming for another 2K today

12 August 2012

Seriously bummed/pissed off that I lost all of story #4; now I've got to rewrite it all

11 August 2012

*insert series of expletives* somehow my file for story #3 has gotten corrupted, and it's been reduced to complete gibberish

04 August 2012

Is being productive and putting all my deadlines in my planner; let's see how long this bought works XD

03 August 2012

Real update coming, I swear!!

Okay, so here's the thing:

I'm really bad about maintaining a steady, full blog update schedule - REALLY BAD - but, now that I've returned from the mania of 'must-write-this-all-now' land I've decided that I'm going to try my damnedest to create at least a once a week actual update here.  This plan will be going into affect either tomorrow evening, or Monday.

Sure, you'll still be getting all of my random tweet length gibberish filled updates from my phone at random intervals; plus, you'll also be getting these fantastic, well thought out, philosophical *coughs* Alright, they'll probably still be chock full of gibberish and nonsense, but at least they'll be longer than a tweet?

*nods* So that's the plan, now let's see how long I manage to keep it up...

To Be Continued...