27 February 2012

Writer's block

Yup, I've hit a rather substantial wall of writer's block these past couple days.  It's annoying, because the story I was working on was going fantastically and than WHAM!  Brick wall to the face.  Let me tell you, it kinda hurt, the running into the wall bit that is; as far as the sudden stop of story fodder *cries*

On the brighter side, after languishing and bitching about my complete lack of ideas to everyone that would listen - the toaster, my coworkers, the 4-year-old little girl I helped find her mommy, my cat - I think I've discovered why this brick wall had me on its hit list.  ^^

So we're back off to the races, with the same characters but an entirely new plot.  Time consuming yes, but it feels more fulfilling with this snapshot of them than it was feeling with the other one.

While suffering from the disorientation of writer's block I also found myself suffering from reader's block.  *dies* It was a horrible few days, but I've found a book that keeps my interest finally; oddly enough, it's this one

Now, don't get me wrong.  I like romance novels.  Hell, I tend to write them; however, I've found that in the past six months, straight romance novels annoy me.  But here I am, happily gobbling up a m/f romance novel with very few issues.  *shrugs*  If it gets me through this batch of reader's block, who am I to complain?

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