15 November 2012

Of NaNoWriMo and other things

So, it's the middle of November, which means that in the past 15 days I have written a whirlwind of 25000 words of unintelligible typo and gaping plot hole filled story.  25015 to be precise, and yes, it is quite crappy right now, but you know what?  I've written half of a Brave New World length rough draft in just over two weeks.  And it's a rough draft I actually hope plan to use to create my next submission for the lovely ladies over at LT3.

Speaking on those lovely ladies, have I mentioned that I have two, yes two, pieces being published by them?  I do; the initial story Rock n Roll Seraphim and the story that's a pseudo sequel, tentatively titled Put You in a Song.  Seraphim has a tentative release date of 23 January 2013, a mere two months-ish away.  Freaky yes?  I'm actually currently working on reading through the post-editor story before I give it back with a thumbs up.

It's been an interestingly fantastic learning experience to go through the process of publishing, from initial idea to the almost completed product.  I can say that I've loved the high I got with each completed step, and seeing the cover for the first time?  So awesome!

Speaking of, here's the proof of awesome coveriness;

I'm in volume three of the Kiss Me at Midnight collection, and to add to me gleeful new author high, I'm up on Goodreads. :3

But now, I have to get back to my NaNo and see if I can pound out another 1667 words...see you in a week if I'm on schedule, or in December if I'm not. XD

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