01 September 2012

Big news...coming soon!

So yup, I've got some big news in the works, and will be able to babble about it by the end of this lovely holiday weekend.  *dances around* I want to say something about it right now, but I don't want to jinx anything, so we'll be waiting a little bit longer before screaming across the internet. :3

In other news, as stated in one of my many brief updates story #2 was rejected; however, I've got plans to rewrite it and resubmit it to the publisher, and am hoping to have that done by the end of this year.  I even have a pile of index cards, multi-colored pens, and many highlighters to help with this task.

Halloween sip#1 is almost done, and I might try to write another one before the deadline.

Also, also, I've decided to tackle another deadline at the end of this month for a serial anthology focusing on rockstars.  Story #4 started my rockstar kick, and I'd love do give some attention to the secondary characters I met while writing it, so why not?  Can't hurt, can it?


Story #1 for last month is getting a make over in prep for a Black Friday release via Smashwords.  It's short, so if I charge, it'll only be $.99, but I'm probably going to be doing some sort of Christmas special and offer it for free for a chunk of the month of December.  I've also got plans to get together with a photographer buddy of mine to create the cover, and possibly even take some new author pictures for profiles.

I think that's all the news I've got right now, and don't forget, big news by Monday!  Promise!

*scampers back to her writing*

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