03 September 2012

So, it's Monday, and that means it's time for that news I was babbling about on Saturday:  Guess who's signing her first short story contract?  *dances*

Yup, you read right, Lacie's going to have a short story published in an actual anthology.  Story #4, aka Rock'n'Roll Seraphim, is going to be part of Less Than Three's 'Kiss Me at Midnight' anthology.  Also, on top of receiving that shriek worthy news, I was told that Megan, and I quote, 'thinks it would be cool' if I were to do a story featuring two of the other characters from that short for another of their anthologies.  

*still jazzed beyond belief*


Right, so yeah, that's what I had to share; back to working on Put You in a Song, Peppermint, and The Alighieri.

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