12 June 2014

Combating blank screen anxiety

**Attempt #4 at getting this posted; bloody Internet issues**

Having participated in NaNoWriMo for 11 years running, I've gotten fairly good at jumping head first into first drafts without knowing much of anything.  However, the blank screen still taunts me with its blinking curser, telling me I don't know what I'm doing, and that this draft is going to suck.

But you know what?  That's okay.  First drafts are allowed to suck, because the biggest point to that very first sentence is to write it.  It doesn't matter what you write, just write.  Whether you start off with a page worth of ranting about how this is going to be the worst thing ever written, or start with a perfectly coined sentence; the important part is that you're writing.  You're putting pen to paper, or keystroke to screen, and you are telling that niggling voice of doubt that it can stuff it.

First drafts are just what they sound like, beginnings.  Once you've given your story something to work with you can go back and fix everything you omitted, or forgot.  But get that first, sucky draft done.  Bite your thumb at the voice of doubt, and pound out the vision in your head.

And once you've finished that draft, treat yourself to a drink; because even a really shoddy rough draft is quite a step down the path of writing a fully functional story.

<3 Lacie J

Current projects:

Two Darkest Mercy stories, and something winter holiday themed :3

09 June 2014

Those silent months, in summary

Since it's been quite a few months between posts, I figured I'd take this post and babble about some of the things I've been up to, and give you a few mini reviews of my recently read books. 


Back in January, and again in March, I had the pleasure of attending showings for the Donmar Warehouse's 'Coriolanus' thanks to National Theater Live's worldwide broadcast.  Not only did this allow me to see a fantastic adaptation of a Shakespeare play performed in London, and meet fellow Shakespeare fans, it also gave me the opportunity to fangirl over the acting abilities of Mark Gatiss, Hadley Fraser, and Tom Hiddleston. :3 

Then, at the end of March, I got to enjoy the exhausting, box filled, process of moving into a new apartment.  So many boxes of books to haul up a flight of stairs. XP I can honestly say that moving I'd the only time I hate having as prolific a reading habit as I do.

Also during the past few months I've been able to attend book signings for Brandon Sanderson, Laini Taylor, Charlaine Harris, Laurell K Hamilton, Alice Clayton, Ruthie Knox, Monica Murphy, Tiffany Reisz, and Andrew Shaffer.

Now that we're all caught up on the mundane happenings of my life, onto some mini book reviews!


I picked this one up at the dollar store while visiting my mum, because I'd already finished the book I took down with me, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it.  The first 75, or so, pages dragged a bit, and almost had me putting the book aside; but once I made it through the world building/stage setting the pace picked up, and the story became more engrossing and enjoyable.

Norse mythology, and two of my favorite authors, together in one book?  Sign me up!

I adored this book and its romp through a present day world populated with reincarnated gods.  Fast paced with the well balanced characters and plot I've come to expect from both Marr and Armstrong, this was a fantastic introduction to a new MG series.

I was completely predisposed to loving this book, being that I'm a former writer, though still a reader, of slash fanfiction, and a self admitted fangirl.  That being said, this novel was a fantastic blend of laugh out loud humor and the gut wrenching struggle to find yourself amidst the often times frightening world of adulthood.


Come Wednesday I'll be talking current projects, and how I approach the nerve wracking blank page of first drafts.

<3 Lacie J

07 June 2014


I've got no excuse for my lengthy absence:  that being said, I'm sorry about going silent on this particular branch of my social media. <3

I'm working on an actual, official post for Monday; so, I'll see you then!

Lacie J

*photographic proof I'm still alive*

01 October 2013

Happy October!

It's now officially October, which means two things:

One; Halloween is EVERYWHERE!  We're talking bats and pumpkins, spiders and witches, and I'm loving every single minute of it.  I love Halloween, in case you've somehow missed the memo/tweets/tumblr reblogs/etc.  And in honor of this wonderful season, I'll be spamming you *coughs* posting all sorts of things related to my favorite time of year.

Two; NaNoWriMo is officially almost here!  Thirty-one days before all of the world's Wrimos buckle down, and write those masterful 30-day-novels.  2013 marks my tenth years of NaNo, and hopefully my seventh win.  Also, this year I'm stepping up as co-ML (Municipal Liaison for the non-NaNo savvy) in my region.  So expect lots of NaNo babble here, and don't forget to grab your popcorn to watch the rapid loss of my coherency as November progresses. ;P

Along the NaNo lines, October also marks the beginning of Crunch-tober; a wonderful month wherein many Wrimos begin 'practicing' their daily word count skills by answering daily writing prompts.  As co-ML, and an all around crazy person, I will be participating in Crunch-tober this year, and will be posting some of my daily responses every Thursday for everyone's amusement.

Other than that, round one of edits for Connect have been completed and returned to LT3, and I'm ridiculously happy both with the edits I received via their editor, and with the tweaking I did.  I still think there's some growth necessary before it's ready to be released, but we're well on our way now.

22 August 2013

Prompt #2 - use the song you're currently listening to

Now for your reading pleasure, or displeasure, I give you another unedited free write, this one brought to you via the way back machine...

Use the song you're currently listening to - 'Dancing With Myself' by Billy Idol

Dancing With Myself circa 2003

Slumping into his arms I nuzzle at his throat. Got to be careful not to leave any marks. She’d wonder if he showed up with the mark of my teeth on his skin. Especially since I’m not supposed to be around anymore.

Fingers trailing through my hair he smiles. Lifting my chin I wrinkle my nose at him.

Brushing his mouth against mine he slides hands under my clothes. Latching onto his lips I wrap my arms around his shoulders.

Tugging at his lip with my teeth I arch as he kneads fingers into my rear. Tongue moving in to taste his mouth. Fight for dominance. Grind my hips forward in slow circles. Shudder in my grip.

Release his lips and move down to attack the smooth skin of his throat. Fingers tugging irritating clothing out of the way. Shiver as nails scratch down my spine.

Tumble down together, rustle of sheets beneath us.

Hands roving over heated skin. Mouth’s locked in breathless kisses.

Prod of fingers. Arch off the bed as they slide in. Stars flash behind my eyes.

Give in to his insistent kisses. Fingers leaving me empty for a moment.

Muscles scream as he pushes in.

Rock with his rhythm. Caress of his palm on me.

Voice crack as I find my release. He follows seconds later.

Snuggle together in the haze.

She doesn’t need to know about this fall.  


I'm going to go hide in a corner now. XD

20 August 2013

Take two on being back ^^;

Once again, my apologies for falling off the face of the internet. XP I've been suffering from 'over work' with my day job (retail is hell), and some irritating writer's block; but, I think I've broken through the evil writer's block, and as for the retail hell, well, what'cha going to do about it save the best you can?

On the writing front, I've got two new stories out; one free read, and one that's part of a serial anthology.

Free read

Written as part of Goodreads M/M Romance's summer 'Love Has No Boundaries' event.  The story can either be read over on the group's site, here; or, for those who aren't members, you can download it over here.

A naked, tattooed man stands under a shower head, looking over his shoulder.

Dear Author,

Oh shit… he must have heard me! But can you blame me for perving a little here? Who’d have thought that my boss was hiding that ink and perfect ass under his tight buttoned, prim and proper suit! Talk about a dream come true. Now if only the other vibes I’ve been getting from him are true…



Tags: lust, boss/employee, mutual masturbation, fluff, men with children, tattoos, piercings
Word count: 5,379

This was the photo inspiration: *drools*

Serial read

Also available for online reading pleasure is my addition to LT3's 'Rocking Hard' serial anthology, 'Put You in a Song'.  I've never done a serial story before, unless you count my fanfiction writing sprees XD.  

Ten months ago, on a whirlwind New Year's Eve, Garrett and Rich enjoyed a wild night together. Back in town for the final performance of his band's tour, Rich can't wait to see Garrett again, unable to forget him. But a wild night and a lifetime are two different things, and the first real challenge they face may be more than their fragile new relationship can take.

Head on over to LT3's site to read part one, and the other stories in the volume. :3

<3 Lacie J

18 July 2013

Prompt #1 - what was stolen from the children

This was written in response to the first of hopefully many prompts with my writing group.  I have not edited this brief drabble in any way, so I guess it can kind stand as an illustration for what my initial, rough, rough drafts tend to look like.  ^^;  The group is on a temporary summer hiatus currently; however, I'm thinking of setting aside 15-30 minutes every Thursday to write to a prompt, to help clear my mind and stretch my creative muscles.  We'll try it out for a few weeks, and see how it works, but I'm hoping it might be a fun idea that I can drag other authors into joining.

Prompt: What was stolen from the children?

Chatter a wild thing around her, the girl-child stands motionless in the middle of the mall, ignored by everyone. Wide, silver eyes blink slowly, her hands beginning to jitter by her sides, as though trying to wake herself from some nightmare. Right hand rising with a tremble she draws a deep breath before letting out a shrill scream. People continuing to bustle around her without regard she screams again, rainbow painted nails digging into her cheek.

Jerking into motion she wends through the blind crowd, words beginning to form from the senseless panic. Toe of her purple sneaker catching on a step, sending her to her hands and knees, she lets out a cry of pain. Bloody scratches on her face she gasps as no one even slows to ask if she's alright.

“W-what's ha-happening? Why i-isn't anyone p-paying attention t-to me?”

Making her way back to her feet with a slight whimper she turns around in place, watching the people go about their business as though she weren't even there. Mouth pinched she darts directly into the path of a portly man staring at his phone, desperate to get a reaction. Rush of people slowing, shifting ever so slightly out of place, she stumbles as everything resumes its pace, the man having somehow missed her.

Experiment repeated a half dozen times, each time with the same weird herky-jerky response she sinks to the ground with a low moan. Tears in her eyes she watches the endless, unseeing flow of people pass her by.

“It's no use ducky, nothing you do will make them see you.”

Balance lost as she twists wildly, elbows connecting sharply with the tile, she stares up at the teen who just spoke. “Y-you can see me?”

Snap of gum louder than it should be as the world gives another one of its strange skips, the teen nods. “Course I can ducky; now come on, up off that floor before you catch a chill.”


“No buts, up we go, places to go, witches to see.”

Frowning the girl glances away from the teen to take in the crowd, suddenly not wanting to leave the familiar stretch of mall, even if no one could see her. Hand to her mouth she stares, going cold, as a woman – Mother – strides by holding hands with a girl almost her identical twin. Warped mirror image giving her a shark toothed grin it wiggles rainbow painted nails in farewell.

Reaching out, grasping for the teen's arm, she cries, “What is that thing doing with my mother?”

Another loud snap of gum, the almost-twin vanishing amidst the crowds. Expression kind the teen guides the girl in the opposite direction. “Stealing her, and your life; now come, as I said we've got places to go and witches to see if you mean to survive the theft.”