25 June 2012

Forward momentum plans

I've spent a chunk of this afternoon setting up, and organizing, a Smashwords account for myself, with the plan that by the end of July I will have one of my rejected stories edited to sparkling prettiness and published via them.  *jitters*  Two of my semi willing slaves *coughs* editors are working with me to make this goal attainable with the least amount of blood and tears - hopefully.

Once it's up and available to the general public I'll have a link to it to post here, for all two of you who regularly pop in to read the babble that I tend to post here.  Maybe I'll see what has to be done to create a giveaway on goodreads, and give away a copy or two to unsuspecting victims readers, I meant readers. ^^;;

Still sending stories out to the slightly more conventional publishing routes as I do all this too, so sooner or later something's going to click, I hope...

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