10 April 2012

I don't really have a title for this...

Well, I just sent out my third story for this year. ^^ It's still in the very, very, very rough stages, and definitely needs some more attention, I mean love; but, it's out with the anthology editor as I continue working with it.

So far I've had a rather productive year in the world of writerly pursuits.  Nothing published as of yet, but we're not giving up!  I have myself a awesome group of motivational, yet sometimes violent cheerleaders waiting on my sidelines with noise makers and cattle prods.

Alternately, in the bibliophile side of my world I have successfully, or unsuccessfully, read the first two of the Fifty Shades trilogy that has been causing such a ruckus recently. :P  I'm not sure if I should be proud of myself for this, or ashamed.

Currently though, I am reading two insanely awesome books -

I will have more in-depth reviews once I complete them, but thus far they are insanely awesome in my book. <3

07 April 2012

Sprawled out on a couch, ipod in my ears, writing the conclusion of another short story long hand; I'll type it up tonight before bed ^^

02 April 2012

Synopsis successfully sent to editor of an anthology I literally tripped over XD Now to work on the piece for said anthology while I wait for her response.