23 February 2012

Let the nervous babbling begin

I know, it has been a while since I visited.  What can I say?  I'm working on my Master's degree in procrastination, minoring in gibberish and underwater basket weaving. :)  Save updating done via my phone, I am notoriously bad about maintaining regular updates, a fact I'm trying to change this year.

So, after much nitpicking, nervous procrastination, title switching, and query letter writing, I have sent out the time travel short story. <3  Now we get to sit around and wait to hear back from the publisher.  Knowing myself, and my ability to fret, I've decided that rather than do nothing while I wait for the verdict on 'Unexpected Gifts' I am going to give myself more deadlines.  XD

I swear, more deadlines are good for me.  They force me to ignore that degree in procrastination and do productive things.

Like write more.  Two more stories are in progress, with the first due by April 15.

Or read more. :P  Just finished

I will very readily admit to being a Melissa Marr fangirl, and this collection of short stories she's presented have only strengthened my fangirl status.  Revisiting her Wicked Lovely world with glimpses into some known character's lives, and some new characters for you to love, she also introduces us to a few of her other worlds in a series of tasty stories.  I already own this in ebook form, because I couldn't wait for my hard copy to arrive. XD

I'm currently working on my 31st book of the year already, a reread of 

Say what you will about Mr. King, but I do enjoy a good percent of his books.

Anywho, I just figured I should post something of an update after indulging in my procrastinating ways for half of this month.

Next up on my to-do list today: eating something.