30 November 2012

Post-NaNo babblings

I've officially validated my monstrosity of a NaNo novel, and have cleared the 50K mark this year with 53021. *giddy dance of exhaustion*  I'm now so sick of that world and it's characters that I'm gleefully shoving them in corner until the middle of December. XD  It's not that I'm not happy with what I churned out, because I am, it's that I've spent 30 days in tight quarters with these boys and I need a freaking break from them.  Don't worry, come two weeks from now I'll allow them out of time out and begin rereading and seeing what all needs to be done to make the spaz rough into something I feel comfortable releasing on the world.

In the mean time, I've also managed somehow to write a really short story set in a resort in Hell...go figure where that one came from.  It's off with my pumpkin, and I'm hoping to have it back within a week to fix it up all nice for a free December read to offer everyone.  And no, I haven't forgotten about 'Peppermint', it's just got a ways to go before I'm less likely to cringe when I read it. ^^;  But I'm pushing for a Christmas week release on that too, and of course, it'll be free for you all, being that it's the holidays.

That's about all that's happening in the world outside of the hell that is retail at this time of year, and I promise not to bore you with that.  *scampers off to write more, so she'll have something to talk about in a week*

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