28 July 2012

I wrote over 7K yesterday...got 2/3 of #3 done and a good chunk of #4 started :3 twas a good writing/muse day

26 July 2012

Time to leave the world of BN for the day and return to the world of my imaginary friends *boogies w her muses*

25 July 2012

Really want to write when I get home tonight; unfortunately, it's either write or sleep since I'm due back at work in the morning *pouts*

22 July 2012

To do: finish query and synopsis for 'peppermint', reread/do secondary edit for 'gifts', finish rewrite for untitled new year, and start evergreen story XD

12 July 2012

Successfully completed the initial rough draft of 1 out of 3 winter themed shorts; time to do a preliminary edit of it :3

11 July 2012

1300 words in the past hour or so; I think I've earned a brief stretch break :3

08 July 2012

Bright and sunny July is the perfect time to be working on 3 separate Christmas themed stories, right?

05 July 2012

Inspiration for a rewrite of one of the rejected pieces has struck me like lightning *scribbles notes on the bus*

04 July 2012

Of Taboo Topics and Fireworks

As my handful of brief updates claims, I've got two new imaginary friends that are rather mouthy currently.  They seem to enjoy telling me all about their lives. ^^  What my brief updates don't mention is that said two are brothers, and yup, you guessed it, they're together together.

Now, I'm not one to get squicked by stories of incest between siblings, and I certainly didn't set out to have them this way, it just seems this is the way they want to be.  *shrugs*  I'm rather fond of them; I like their personalities, and their voices, they just happen to be related.  I plan to let this inspiration play out and see where it takes me, and if it just so happens to give me a fantastic story about authors, stalkers, dismembered body parts, and a pair of brothers who are a bit closer then usual, so be it.

In none squicky news, I'm spending the Fourth at home with my cat.  Didn't hear from either end of my family on any bbqs or fireworks, so I told Tonks I'd spend it with him.  I'll go out and wave a sparkler around when it gets darker just to play with fire and exploding things.  Such a wild party girl am I. XD

03 July 2012

20hrs of being awake and I find myself vaguely tired, but not enough that I'm willing to say goodnight to my latest imaginary friends so I can sleep #inspired

02 July 2012

So, I've written almost 7K in going on 3 days now...these new boys are definitely a mouthy pair :3 Now, if only I could figure out their story ^^;

01 July 2012

Scribble, scribble, scribble - 4K in 2 days *feels a tad exhausted*