20 August 2013

Take two on being back ^^;

Once again, my apologies for falling off the face of the internet. XP I've been suffering from 'over work' with my day job (retail is hell), and some irritating writer's block; but, I think I've broken through the evil writer's block, and as for the retail hell, well, what'cha going to do about it save the best you can?

On the writing front, I've got two new stories out; one free read, and one that's part of a serial anthology.

Free read

Written as part of Goodreads M/M Romance's summer 'Love Has No Boundaries' event.  The story can either be read over on the group's site, here; or, for those who aren't members, you can download it over here.

A naked, tattooed man stands under a shower head, looking over his shoulder.

Dear Author,

Oh shit… he must have heard me! But can you blame me for perving a little here? Who’d have thought that my boss was hiding that ink and perfect ass under his tight buttoned, prim and proper suit! Talk about a dream come true. Now if only the other vibes I’ve been getting from him are true…



Tags: lust, boss/employee, mutual masturbation, fluff, men with children, tattoos, piercings
Word count: 5,379

This was the photo inspiration: *drools*

Serial read

Also available for online reading pleasure is my addition to LT3's 'Rocking Hard' serial anthology, 'Put You in a Song'.  I've never done a serial story before, unless you count my fanfiction writing sprees XD.  

Ten months ago, on a whirlwind New Year's Eve, Garrett and Rich enjoyed a wild night together. Back in town for the final performance of his band's tour, Rich can't wait to see Garrett again, unable to forget him. But a wild night and a lifetime are two different things, and the first real challenge they face may be more than their fragile new relationship can take.

Head on over to LT3's site to read part one, and the other stories in the volume. :3

<3 Lacie J


  1. Both stories sound so awesome! I'm gonna download the free read, and wait until the serial is done. I don't like reading serials, I want to read it all in one go, I'm weird like that :-P

    1. XD Not weird at all, I was just cursing Megan for where she left off on one of her serials because I was stupid enough to start it, knowing it wouldn't be updated for a couple weeks. ^^; I have a similar problem when it comes to fanfiction that's not complete.