22 August 2013

Prompt #2 - use the song you're currently listening to

Now for your reading pleasure, or displeasure, I give you another unedited free write, this one brought to you via the way back machine...

Use the song you're currently listening to - 'Dancing With Myself' by Billy Idol

Dancing With Myself circa 2003

Slumping into his arms I nuzzle at his throat. Got to be careful not to leave any marks. She’d wonder if he showed up with the mark of my teeth on his skin. Especially since I’m not supposed to be around anymore.

Fingers trailing through my hair he smiles. Lifting my chin I wrinkle my nose at him.

Brushing his mouth against mine he slides hands under my clothes. Latching onto his lips I wrap my arms around his shoulders.

Tugging at his lip with my teeth I arch as he kneads fingers into my rear. Tongue moving in to taste his mouth. Fight for dominance. Grind my hips forward in slow circles. Shudder in my grip.

Release his lips and move down to attack the smooth skin of his throat. Fingers tugging irritating clothing out of the way. Shiver as nails scratch down my spine.

Tumble down together, rustle of sheets beneath us.

Hands roving over heated skin. Mouth’s locked in breathless kisses.

Prod of fingers. Arch off the bed as they slide in. Stars flash behind my eyes.

Give in to his insistent kisses. Fingers leaving me empty for a moment.

Muscles scream as he pushes in.

Rock with his rhythm. Caress of his palm on me.

Voice crack as I find my release. He follows seconds later.

Snuggle together in the haze.

She doesn’t need to know about this fall.  


I'm going to go hide in a corner now. XD

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