15 April 2013

Winners, updates, and a teaser

First and foremost, before I get going, the winners for my contribution to LT3's 'Way to Your Heart' birthday shenanigans; Shayla Mist and Crissy Morris!  Emails have been sent out, so please holler back at me for confirmation, and the first one of you I hear back from gets first dibs on choice of shiny. And a big thank you to everyone who stopped by my neck of the internet to say hi during the past couple of weeks, thanks to your replies I've now got a couple new addictions to pile into my poor iPod. XD

Now, moving on to everything else...

In the land of editing: my final, personal revisions to 'Connect', still not entirely certain on that title, went in to LT3, as did the reviewed manuscript for 'Put You in a Song'. Woo-hoo editing madness! I'm looking forward to getting back the edits for 'Connect' because I think right now I'm still too close to it to be able to do it justice editing wise, but I am really, really pleased with the way it turned out, and can't wait to share it with you.

In the land of revisions: I'm working on rewriting one of my rejected stories from last year for re-submission at the end of next month, tightening and tweaking things to make it even better than it is currently. Also on the running the revision gauntlet is the rejected 'Prince's Flower', am hoping to expand it from 7K to 10-12K before I submit it to LT3 for their fairytale serial line.

In the land of new writings: I've sadly come to the conclusion that I'm not going to make LT3's 'Proud to be a Vampire' submission deadline for two reasons; one, the characters aren't talking to me, and I refuse to force the story to happen and end up with something I hate, and two, my Darkest Mercy boys have been chattering up a storm in my head space, so I'm giving in to them, and writing something that'll fall in-between 'Rock 'n Roll Seraphim' and 'Put You in a Song'. But I will return to my vampires in the not so distant future, so I'm not completely bummed to have to shelf them for now.

Also, I'm hard at work on my contribution to the Goodread's M/M Romance group's 'Love Has NoBoundaries' writing event. My 'Dear Author' letter was written by Shaz, and I'm having entirely too much fun with it. :3 For those of you who aren't members on Goodreads, here's the teaser, from the working draft, that I posted last week:

Names removed, and replaced with place holders, as per event guidelines


A dunk tank? Whose genius idea was it to have a dunk tank at the charity carnival? Especially one with a signup sheet posted for willing volunteer dunkees, his name written boldly at the top. Note to self, stay as far away from said dunk tank as feasibly possible. No need to add the sight of him soaking wet, all that bronzed skin visible through the transparency of his plastered to him shirt, to my mental photo album.

It was bad enough that he looked hot as hell when he was all prim and proper in the office, now I had to contend with the sight of him in something less professional? Sigh and glance at the layout of the carnival, scouring my options for something far, far away from the temptation. Finger stilling on the cotton candy booth on the opposite end of the field I shrug and grab a pen.

“Mr. XXX, have you already decided which attraction you will be volunteering with for your four hours?”

Draw a deep breath, mouth suddenly dry, and turn to face the object of my errant thoughts. Suit a dove gray today he lifts his coffee mug to his lips. Follow the line of his lavender tie down to his belt, unable to stop the way my eyes demand I drink him in. Pants tight across his thighs he cocks his hip, leaning into the table's edge. Lick my lips and say, “I was thinking of helping out with the kids at the cotton candy booth.”

Quirk lifting one side of his mouth he asks, “Do you like cotton candy, Mr. XXX?”

Swallow at the lilt in his question, mind in an immediate tizzy over whether or not he was flirting with me. Twist away from him before I embarrass myself and lift the pen to the signup sheet. “It was one of my favorite parts back when I attended carnivals and fairs as a kid, so I figured it'd be nostalgic to work with it. Plus, there's nothing better than a bunch of kids spinning colored sugar, right?” 


Non-writing wise, my apartment is a complete disaster right now because one of my roommates is prepping for her move to Colorado at the end of this month while my new roommate and I are shifting rooms around. Oh the sheer volume of books I have to move all the way down the hall! XD It's driving my cat bonkers to have both rooms smell like mommy.

I've also taken to dinking around with Gallifreyan, aka the circular language of Dr Who's timelords. Yes, I am that nerdy. Just started playing with it so my work is very 'this circle has to match this circle's size' and not as wibbly wobbly as the show's.  I'll get some pictures tomorrow, to show off my nerdy happenings on the interweb.

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