01 April 2013

Less Than Three Press is celebrating their fourth birthday this month, and to help with the celebration they're hosting a bloghop featuring a bunch of awesome people.  You can check out the master post here to find links to all of the other participant's blogs.

And now, without further ado, I give you my contribution to the birthday shenanigans:

As anyone who regularly spends time with me can tell you, my life revolves around books(both the reading and writing of), music, my cat, coffee, and alcohol.  Now, since I can't take you out drinking, unless you want to travel to me, I decided to focus on music first.

Music to me, is less a way to my heart and more a way of life.  I love, love, love music!  I constantly have either my headphones in or something playing.  And I love all kinds of music; pop, classical, jrock, country; anything really.  Even at work I'm a musicoholic, constantly singing along with whatever random psuedo crap we've got on the in-store play loop.  There's just something about music that's followed me through my life that has made it one of the unchanging facets of day-to-day me.

Back when I was an itsy little bit, I used to sing in church choirs.  Did all sorts of embarrassing shows; which I'm certain my mum has on video somewhere in her house... ^^;  Come fifth grade my dad got me started on playing the flute alongside him.  Unlike him I continued to play, making my way through junior high in the band, and high school in marching, parade, and orchestra.  Nowadays I've slacked off on my flute playing, but I do occasionally pick it up and just twiddle away a chunk of time playing whatever comes to mind.

As for 'commercial' music, you know, the stuff they play on the radio and what have you, that didn't threaten to take over my life until eight grade when I was one of the millions of unfortunate casualties to the boy band resurgence  yes, I was/am a fan of Backstreet, 'N Sync, etc., and I do believe I've just dated myself. XD

*coughs* Anyway, moving along before I'm made fun of for my boy band liking...

Back when I first got going on that side of my musical addiction I used to buy cd's like they were candy, which explains the boxes of them in my closet that I need to go through, and now, with cd's losing popularity, I have to watch myself with my instant gratification kick on mp3's.  I think I tend to pick up a new song every week or so these days with the convenience of the internet and itunes.

And yes, I do create soundtracks to my stories, and sometimes even character playlists.  Every time I settle in to a new world, with new characters, I have to find the music that sings to them before I can really connect with them to write.  I know a lot of authors find music in the background distracting while they write, but for me it's just another facet of the process.


Giveaway Time

In honor of my musical obsessions, I've got two shiny prizes I'm itching to hand out

* $10 iTunes gift card

* ebook copy of Rock 'n Roll Seraphim by yours truly

To enter, simply leave me a comment telling me what your favorite song/artist is currently.  Don't forget to leave me an e-mail so I can contact you. :3

I'll draw a pair of winners at the end of LT3's celebration, on April 14th, and will contact the winners.  First one to reply gets first dibs on which prize they want. ^^


*raises a glass in toast* Happy birthday Less Than Three!  Thank you for everything so far, and here's to a long continuing relationship together!

<3 Lacie J


  1. Music! I have a post scheduled on music too. Music is so important. ^_^ Favourite song/artist right now ... Well, that's a tough one. I'm hooked on the entire sountrack to Rock of Ages, but if I have to choose one single song ... then B.A.P's One Shot. ^^

    Hope you're doing all right!

    ttkove AT gmail DOT com

  2. This is so hard! I'm a musicophile *grins* too! I've been singing since I was three. It's as much a stress reliever as it inspiration and entertainment. My tastes vary a lot...but right now my repeat is stuck on "The Man Who Can't be Moved" by The Script. I love it!


  3. Take Me Home- Delta Goodrem. keela_1221@yahoo.com

  4. I do the soundtrack thing too! And not only that, I sometimes try to actually write my own songs for my stories--the lyrics at least, don't even try to get me to play a musical instrument--and then forget they're not real, haha. The other day, I was a breath away from mentioning a song I'd written--a 50's era early rock and roll style tune called "(There's Something Between) Me and Geraldine"--and what's worse is I'd have probably ended up singing it to try to jog other people's memories of it. I'd totally forgotten for a moment that the song existed only in my head. Good thing I caught myself or else my face would still be red!

    My favorite song for the past few months has been Steve Martin's "The Great Remember (For Nancy)." It's an upbeat but at the same time sort of melancholy little bluegrass romp, very, very sweet. But my all time favorite song is "Rainbow Connection" specifically as performed by Jim Henson in The Muppet Movie. I almost cry nearly every time I hear it.


  5. Between my mother, my father, that stuff I had to sing for chorus, and my own musical tastes, I've got all kinds of weird mixes of music in my playlist. I've never been confined to a single genre. When people ask me what kind of music I listen to, I just answer "whatever's good and catching my ear at the time".

    I've actually been kind of obsessed with Lifehouse's Almeria album since it came out in December. It's rather embarrassing how often I've listened to it.

    My all time favorite artist/song, though, is James Taylor, "Copperline". I've loved that song since the 4th grade.

    Not entering the giveaway, for obvious reasons, I suspect. ^_^

  6. Hmm. I'm a music addict as well (as will be very obvious from my post. Lol). To choose one favorite is quite difficult. But if I had to, I think I will go with Rihanna's Skin. It's been stuck on repeat on my itunes for ever. I just find the song as liberating as I find Rihanna right now. She's changed, and she's losing her inhibitions in her songs. I think her new style is a welcome change because we all need to let down our hair, do the things we love and be as honest with ourselves as we can. Considering that it's also referring to something I've gotten hooked on in recent times probably helps as well. ROFL.


  7. There is nothing more stress relieving than turning up the tunes and dancing like a complete and utter moron in solitude! Cheers!

    AF Henley :D

  8. OMG, I just saw TT loves k-pop. Yey, someone else with my obsession XD
    Jacie, if you like boy bands, you just have to check out Korean boy-bands. they are so handsome! ♥_♥
    My favorite band is Korean, of course. They're called Big Bang and theirs are the first Kpop songs I've ever listen to, so I'm very much attached to them. what i most like about them is that their albums keep getting better. While with most artists I like, as time passes by, I long for their initial vibe, the thing that made me like them in the first place (like I was addicted to Shakira's first songs, but the new ones don't have the same feel to them), when i8t comes to Big Bang, it's totally different. Their songs are getting better and better and they have the same feel, they give me the same mood, as their older songs.
    There are so many songs of theirs I'd like to recommend, but I'll just stick to a few. Check them out, when you can.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qnV55LUFVM - Bad Boy
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAbokV76tkU - Fantastic Baby
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btDd9rOlc2k - Monster
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GRP1rkE4O0 - Blue

    Hope you like them. Wow, I'm so chatty :p
    Have a nice day!

  9. Just realized I had some typos, and right when I wrote your name too. LOL blame it on the caffeine. When I get hyper I tend to forget checking what I type.
    It happened with my "edited" manuscript too. After I sent it, I spotted a wrongly typed idiom right in the middle of my message to the editor. O_O That's me.

  10. I too create playlists for most of all the books I've written to date, although some I've lumped together if more then one story takes place in the same universe.

    Right now I'm obsessed with Florence and the Machine specifically the album Ceremonials.

    acosmistmachine AT gmail DOT com

  11. My favorite current artist is Janelle Monae. I'm so visual, that I can go days without listening to music, but I take some sort of photo or look at some sort of visual culture thang every day!

  12. Though, not my all-time favorite, I feel a need to comment on James Taylor after reading one of the above posts. Frozen Man in my favorite though, followed by Copper Line.


  13. My current obsession is Annie Stela - It's you. Her voice and the lyrics sound great together and it makes me want to sing a long.

    humhumbum at yahoo dot com

  14. Choosing just one song is way too difficult! I guess right now I'm totally in love with Pink's Try. The lyrics are so poignant and the singing so perfectly on key that I can't help falling in love with the song anew every time I hear it.


  15. My favorite song is either Sing or The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance. (and I'll admit, I too am an Nsync fan, lol)

  16. I really love Mumford and Son's right now, and I love "Broken Crown", although I love all of their music.


  17. I love all eras of Sloan, but lately "The Answer Was You" is the one I love best (short and very sweet, I play it over and over). I put on an old Splitsville album yesterday and forgot how good the song "The Misfits" is...I was bopping around the room! Redd Kross's NEUROTICA and RESEARCHING THE BLUES albums are full of good songs, as is Teenage Fanclub's BANDWAGONESQUE. I've been known to put on the New Pornographers' "Crash Years" and "Silver Jenny Dollar" on repeat, too...


  18. Today's favourite is Bad Religion's The Defense. I currently have it on repeat. So much repeat. ALL THE REPEAT!!! contact at efoster919(at)yahoo

  19. I love when author's share their playlists for their books or just what they were listening to while writing.

    "Madness" by Muse is my current favorite. Love it!

    caroaz [at] ymail [dot] com