03 May 2013

Busy, busy times

So many things have happened since I last posted, and I apologize for the silence, but I'm getting back up and on my feet, so we'll be back to a slightly more regular updating schedule soon.

I've almost finished my LHNB story, and hope to get it wrapped up this weekend so it can take a trip to one of my betas to get a second pair of eyes looking at it.  This story has been ridiculously fun to write, and I'm really hoping Shaz likes it. *crosses fingers* Hopefully this weekend I'll be posting a second teaser both here and on Goodreads. :3

My living situation took a bit of a nose dive, which is why I've been nonexistent, for the most part, on the internet.  Long story short, my long time roommate had been planning to move to CO, which I knew all about, so I've been helping her pack and prepare, as well as say goodbye to CA.  In the meantime I'd been hunting for a new roommate, and thought I found one:  he moved in on the 1st of April, paid his portion of rent for that month, as well as his security deposit.  All of April went by without a hitch until last weekend, when I got a call from my other roommate telling me that he was packing his stuff up and leaving.  So he left, with no warning or intent to say anything to me, and I've been scrambling ever since.

I'm good right now, but it's been a rocky couple of weeks.  XP

But enough whining about my personal life; writing!

Alongside working on my LHNB contribution I've been writing the story that picks up where Rock 'n Roll Seraphim leaves off, as Seraphim was only intended to bring the two together. *tries not to say anything that might be considered a spoiler* Now I get to write all about the ups and downs of them adjusting to their relationship, and the stresses both current and former jobs puts on them.  I love my boys, but I know relationships aren't all fluff and hearts, so I wanted to visit that, and show how they become as strong together as I've seen them in future stories.

Other than that, there are a couple of ideas I'm poking at but nothing concrete as of yet.

And now I'm off to paint my nails a shiny Tardis blue, and try to wrap up the lose ends in my LHNB story.


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