17 March 2013

LT3 is turning 4!!

LT3 is throwing a bloghop in celebration of their 4th birthday!  The Way to Your Heart bloghop is going to feature a bunch of their authors and associates blogging about the things we love; music, Dr Who, food, cats.  You name it, we'll probably be blogging about it. :3

And in honor of said bloghop, I'll be doing my first ever giveaway.  Woo-hoo, Lacie's going to give away free things to people who comment on her blog!  What kind of free things you ask?  You'll have to visit during the bloghop to find out, but they're going to be shiny.  Promise.

** Yes, I know, two blog posts in one day after nothing for almost a month...what can I say? ^.~ **

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