17 March 2013

Wow, I suck at keeping an update schedule

I've been meaning to post an update for like a week, and for some reason I just keep procrastinating on doing so. Sorry for that. *hangs head in shame*

Moving on; I've got news, which is why I've been meaning to post. 'Connect' has been accepted by LT3! *happy dance* I'm so happy that all of my hard work paid off with it. Of course, now I've got to give it a final run through to make sure I've got it all pretty before it goes to an editor. Still excited though. :3

Also, 'The Prince's Flower' was rejected, so we're going to give it another pass through before deciding whether I should submit it to LT3 or do something else with it.

I've also hopped on board with the M/M Romance group's Love Has No Boundaries writing event; snagged my story prompt and need to post my own 'Dear Author'. So I've got a fun, free story to write which'll be released as part of their annual summer event.

Other than that? I just finished reviewing the edits for 'Put You in a Song', which is due to be released starting in August.

Feeling rather productive this morning; now it's time to decide if I want to work on one of my upcoming vampire submissions or start my answer to the LHNB prompt.

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