27 February 2013

'Connect' has been submitted X3

The story I started back during last year's NaNoWriMo, and have been arguing with since mid December, is finally done!  Turns out what I wrote during NaNo is quite possibly the second part of these character's lives.  Oops. :P  But I'm overwhelmingly pleased with the 15K that make up Connect, even if it is shorter than I'd hoped for.  Submitted as a response to LT3's 'If You're Reading This...' serial anthology call it's kind of a bizarre twist to the whole message in a bottle idea; which just happens to take place on a website called Message in a Bottle. XD

Full of puns, that's me.  Plus, it's got tornadoes in it!  And no, I couldn't resist making a Dorothy joke, so there's a comment in there about Elijah trying to ride a tornado...

Anywho, I've got all of my fingers crossed, and my toes, hoping the team there likes it.

And as a pseudo teaser, here's the little mini blurb I created for Connect:

Raised in a fiercely Christian town in the Midwest, Elijah has always had his family and faith on his side; until the day he tells his father he's gay. Shunned and abused by the town he trusted for his revelation Elijah takes a chance on an anonymous note, and soon discovers a website which seems almost too good to be true. Posting alongside thousands of others he finds the strength to accept that his being gay wasn't a mistake on God's part.

The Prince's Flower is also done, I'm just finishing up tweaking my query letter before I send that one out as well.  

Next on my 'to tackle' list are a series of vampire stories, and quite possibly a something featuring exotic dancers that I blame entirely on my trip to Vegas last week.  *hums 'save a horse, ride a cowboy'*


  1. Good luck on your submission, I hope they'll accept it! ^_^ It sounds quite interesting, so I can't wait to read it. ;-)

    The Prince's Flower is an interesting title. Looking forward to that as well. ;-)

    I'm liking your to tackle list! ;-)

    1. :3 I'm hoping as well, especially now that both stories are out of my hands for the time being. *is nervous*

      But at least I have quite a mess of things to work on while I await the verdicts. Now, how would one go about contacting a group like the one I saw in Vegas? If I do something with dancers, I want to do it right *coughs* which means research, lots and lots of *snickers* research.

    2. There is nothing as excruciating as waiting on that acceptance or rejection e-mail. >_<

      It's good to have other things to work on while you wait though! ^^ Ahahah, it would be interesting to know how you go about that, indeed. :-P Oh yeah, "research", totally. :-P

    3. I'll let you know how things go when I get together my 'research' message to the dancer men. :D

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