07 January 2013

Sick but alive

Well, a week in and not much to say. I've spent all 7 days sick with some horrid plague that's caused me to lose my voice twice now. Lacie's not an amused author/retail slave. Have a drs appointment tomorrow to try to make the plague leave me alone.

Regardless of plague, I've written what I think is a freaking adorable fairy tale. It's goofy and cheesy, and has been freakishly fun to play with.

Course, I'm also working on editing 'Message in a Bottle'; my nano from this past November. And trying to ignore a dozen rampant plot bunnies bounding around in my head.

In reading worlds, I've stared Libba Bray's most recent novel, The Diviners; and am rereading Feed. I know, I know, I read it every year, but I do enjoy revisiting my favorite worlds; plus, I can still have fun and get writing done.

I'm off to dinner now, but I'll be back next week; promise.

<3 Lacie

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  1. Sending you lots of well-wishes! It sucks to be sick, especially for a whole week >__<

    Oooh, fairytale! It's been ages since I've read fairytales now, but they're always so much fun. :-)

    It's not easy to ignore those plot bunnies >__<

    Hope your doctor's visit goes well and that you'll feel better soon! :-)